Create your own government response to the COVID-19 pandemic, choose from amongst 15 different policies, select your desired intensity and duration, and forecast: a. Contagion rate (1 month); b. Effects on society (4 years). 

Global dashboard powered by Artificial Intelligence and simulation techniques. 

Data visualizations for global changemakers

Sustain Models creates data-driven solutions and visualizations for mission-led organizations.

Our mission is to support decision-makers in times of crises.

Whether you’re looking for a custom-made model to facilitate decision-making in aid allocation, you want to simulate the effects of a government response, or you’d like to showcase the incredible work your organization is doing, we are here to help. We believe in prioritizing sustainable and inclusive growth and specialize in social impact, government affairs, and crisis management/disaster risk reduction.


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Visualize data


Harness the power of data visualization and watch your data spring off your spreadsheets! All dashboards are fully customizable, functional, and interactive.



Whether it’s 10 days or 10 years, our data nowcasts and forecasts allow you to peer into the future, strategize, and map out your next steps for maximum impact. 

Beat the curve


Stay ahead of the curve by mapping possible events on the horizon, analyzing indicators, finding stakeholders, and simulating your response before making a decision.

Visualize data
Use data analytics for better decision-making.
Show don't tell
A dashboard is worth a thousand spreadsheets.
Stay sustainable
We prioritize social impact, just like you.
Showcase your work
Connect with your audience like never before.

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Near real-time data
No snoozing, no losing.
Simulate first
Ever wished you could go back? Now you don't have to.
Study trade offs
Weigh every option and change course as you go.
Advanced analytics
Powered by ML and risk modelling techniques.

What do you want to do today?

Policy Intensity Score and Influence Ranking

How intensely have different countries implemented different policies? Which policies have had the greatest influence on reducing contagion?


What will contagion rates look like in one month based on the policy mix that is implemented? Make your own policy mix and find out!

Effects on society

How will implementing different policies affect society in five years? What are the trade-offs policy makers must take into account during the decision making process?

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