We Build Dashboards to Help:


Organize and analyze data for swift decision-making, find creative solutions to new problems, and present their data to relevant stakeholders for maximum profits, maximum impact. 


Simulate the effect of potential governmental interventions, bolster disaster preparedness, and connect with the citizenry through user-friendly interactive data visualizations of official government statistics. 

NGOs and more

Facilitate decision-making in aid allocation, program creation, and priority sector selection based on need. Showcase research, data, and findings to reach a wider audience, secure better funding, and improve people’s lives. 

How does it work?

Creating your custom-made dashboard is simple! 

Step 1: Optimize your data

We help you optimize your data, including advising on data cleaning and collection before exploring options for visualizations and customizing your dashboard. 


Step 2: Build your dashboard

Whether it is for internal or external use, we help you turn your data into lighting-fast code, customize your dashboard to a tee, and design the look and feel. The sky is the limit! If you can visualize it so can we.  

Step 3: Connect

Interact and connect with your audience through your brand new dashboard! Pause, pivot, and adjust your visualizations as you go. We also offer ongoing support and consulting on how to best let your data tell a story. 

What do you want to do today?

Policy Intensity Score and Influence Ranking

How intensely have different countries implemented different policies? Which policies have had the greatest influence on reducing contagion?


What will contagion rates look like in one month based on the policy mix that is implemented? Make your own policy mix and find out!

Effects on society

How will implementing different policies affect society in five years? What are the trade-offs policy makers must take into account during the decision making process?

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